I help build Resilient People, Resilient Families and Resilient Businesses.

Lancashire based Doula, Business Consultant and trauma informed Coach.

When people are loved, cared for and respected – they thrive

Parents make up over 80% of the UK working population. When the needs of parents are put at the heart of businesses, mental and emotional wellbeing improves. Financial prosperity is available for all. Careers are a source of joy and fulfilment. We teach the next generation by osmosis, that work AND family is central to our sense of life purpose.

I help CEO’s, HR Directors and working parents to achieve the same goals.  Peace of Mind, Prosperity and Joy.

I combine over 20 years of HR experience with 10 years of coaching and consulting experience, along with my passion for mental and emotional wellbeing, to help families and businesses achieve wellbeing and prosperity.

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