I help ambitious professionals to quieten the inner critic and feel Unstoppable, so they can build the career they truly desire...without faking it

You’re a professional person and you take your career seriously. But feelings of worthlessness and crippling self-doubt are holding you back.  Which means that you’re hesitating to apply for that next role or doubting if you can maintain professional success.  If so, let me help you to decide if you’ve come to the right place so you don’t waste any more time and energy.

Does this sound like you?

You’re questioning whether you’re still in the right profession or whether you’ve hit the proverbial Corporate glass ceiling – and this uncertainty makes you feel anxious.

You’re no stranger to the phrase “imposter syndrome” – it definitely resonates, at least some of the time.

Certain people push your buttons and the inner conflict leaves you feeling wretched and annoyed that you aren’t able to influence more powerfully or say No without being judged or perceived as a problem.

As a secret introvert, it can feel hard to get noticed without feeling yucky and even trickier to express yourself authentically.  

And as a woman or man in the alpha world of work and business, it can sometimes feel hard to be totally yourself.  But you also know you are your own biggest critic…don’t you?

You’re constantly looking for answers how to improve yourself. 

You have a pile of self-help books to read but nothing seems to get rid of that feeling in the pit of your stomach. 

The feeling that’s eating you up inside. The feeling you’re not being true to yourself.  That you’re being silenced.

You’ve noticed that feeling, haven’t you? And you try to ignore it…

Then there’s the good days when you’re in total flow and go to bed with a sense of achievement and fulfilment. 

On these days you KNOW you’re in the right place and you KNOW you’re capable of more…right? 

Yet even though you’re no stranger to investing your time, energy and finances into your personal growth, nothing seems to quite hit the mark or you find yourself slipping back into old habits easily.

So it feels like it’s 3 steps forward and 2 back.  It’s frustrating isn’t it?

If you’ve got this far down the page, I’m fairly certain you’re now thinking “hmmm, this definitely sounds like me, so can you help me?”

Hi, I'm Tracey. A personal transformation coach with a passion for empowering incredible professionals, just like you, to help you get back to being the UNSTOPPABLE person you truly are. But before you go any further, I need you to consider something...

Do you believe you are a master creator that can have, do or be anything you want to be?

Now read that last line again.

So if you can have, do or be ANYTHING you want, why haven’t you got it?

And if you reeeally want that bigger role with the 3-figure salary – what’s stopping you?

If you dream of quitting your Corporate life and starting your own venture – why haven’t you?

What’s in the way?

Are you ready to hear the answer?  

I’m going to tell you…

Lack of self-belief

Lack of clarity

Bothersome emotional baggage

Work on those three things and I promise you, everything will begin to change for the better.

The question is… how big is your desire to change it?

Is your desire greater than the work you’re going to need to put in? 

And, will you show up for yourself week after week, having taken focused action and done some stuff that’s out of your immediate comfort zone?

What’s it worth to you to have the unwavering self-belief and the inner-power of a lioness, without having to fake it? 

To be an authentic, unstoppable powerhouse you really are? 

You remember that person, don’t you?  Well, you’re still in there.

Hidden under the veil of limiting beliefs and that inner-critic that never seems to shut the f*&k up!

Since 2020, the risk of professional burnout has never been greater. But also since 2020, the opportunities for have never been so exciting.  

So shall we go and get them?  

You CAN feel confident in your own skin again, instead of feeling wretched and past your best.

You CAN feel whole and secure, instead of weak boundaries and people pleasing.

You CAN feel focused and clear, instead of scattered and running the hamster wheel.

With a clear framework, expert support and guidance, PLUS you putting some serious work in - you WILL achieve greatness! And I can help you get there.

I’ve consolidated the best of what I’ve learned into my signature program Unstoppable to help people like you, so you don’t have to go through the pain and loss that I did. Imagine you working and living authentically, free from the bondage of your mind-made beliefs; free from your emotional baggage and free from the self-limiting expectations that are caging you in.
Just think… where could you be this time next year if you start now?  In that 3-figure salary role?  Or CEO of your own business?  The choice is yours.
Is Now your time? Time for transformation? Time for you to discover (or get back) your inner-roar? 
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