What’s love got to do with thought?

I want to share a recent experience with a client who was struggling with feeling un-loveable.

He said the feelings were sometimes so huge and so dark that he felt suffocated by them and he would plunge into a dark place for periods of time.

He so wanted to be free of this…

He talked about wanting so desperately to have a companion, a loving partner to share his life experiences with and his desire for this was strong.

I could feel his desperation coming through the computer screen… 

He felt at some level that he was broken, that there was something wrong with him.

I knew different.

I could see that he was giving so much meaning to his transient thoughts of un-lovability.

He was seeing these thoughts as a message that needed to be taken seriously and that they were a sign that he would never experience the love he was seeking…

He was giving so much energy to this pattern of thought it had gotten really big and it felt so real to him.

He was drowning in a pool of low self-worth, pity and depression…

Love comes from within first…

And that was the problem…

He didn’t love himself. 

He’d spent years thinking he was flawed and despite being reasonably self-aware, he could not see that this was a blind spot for him.

Underneath all that poisoned thinking…he was perfect

Understanding this intellectually is one thing but knowing it from your deep core is something he has to feel.

So that’s what we are working on…

Waking him to up to truth.

Letting go of the layers of heavy, self-created beliefs…

Love is  fundamental to what we view as a successful life.

After all, love is why we are all here…

We came from an act of love to create through love.

Have you ever noticed that thought habits like this can come out of nowhere?

One day you’re fine, the next you’re waist-deep in the swamp of negative thought?

When we realise that this happens we have a golden opportunity…

and that opportunity is to decide to let it move on, or to grab hold of it, give it meaning, take it to dinner, analyse it and decide that we need to own it.

When we do the latter, we’re in the swamp, up to our necks in the negative thought pattern, creating deeper made-up beliefs about who we are in the world.

Instead of creating love, we create our own mental prisons.

When we see the thought for what it is…

just a bundle of energy, hidden under a cloak of fear… 

We have a choice over what to do with it.

We can take it out of our head and look at it briefly – then let it float by.

Like a cloud passing over the sun.

We can live life with more ease and freedom from the prison of our thinking.

I’m living proof and many of my clients are too…

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