Become a more resilient employer

When an employee goes home at the end of every single working day feeling valued and cared for, there is a tremendous ripple effect. Relationships and marriages are more resilient. Children are more resilient. Family finances are more resilient. Health and wellbeing of everyone in that family is more resilient.

That resilience doesn’t stay within the confines of the family home. It raises the resilience of communities. 

Those families in those communities ARE the future AND the now of your business. That resilience feeds the heart and soul of your business and the eco-system that your business touches.

All boats rise with the tide. Let conscious capitalism create a tsunami.

CSR/ESG, Diversity & Inclusion, Wellbeing, Talent, Engagement and Culture all taken care of with a single vision.

And who wins?  Every single stakeholder.

Conscious businesses outperform S&P500 businesses by x14 over a 15 year period (ref: Firms of Endearment research 2013)

Conscious CEO’s and HR Directors like you know this – but where to start?

Create an Award Winning Culture

It’s no secret that Companies that thrive and are market leaders in their field, also have a strong reputation for workplace cultures that create enviable levels of employee engagement, loyalty and pride in the brand.

Employees want more than a pay check and kudos of working for a big brand name on their CV. They want to work for an organisation that stands for far greater than turning a profit and they want to work for an employer who genuinely has them AND their families best interests at heart.

So what can CEO’s and HR departments do to start their own conscious culture journey?

Download my 12 page pdf guide with 10 tips to creating an Award Winning Culture and find out!

Want to know what you can do to help the mental wellbeing of your employees?

Tracey is part of the North West Employee Engagement Group (NWEEG). In this recorded webinar, Tracey explains how you, as a business leader, have a massive influence on the mental wellbeing of your employees who are also parents. Find out more about the NWEEG here.

Kind Words for Tracey

Tracey has transformed us from a reactive, short sighted firm, into a dynamic and stable outfit, who are well on their way to achieving Investors in People status, which is our primary HR goal. Tracey combines practical HR advice with the ability to step back and take a strategic approach. Not only has she changed the way we think, she is an excellent role model and mentor to an inexperienced group of managers.

As a result of Tracey’s work with us, Hattons have a much happier and engaged workforce, and we are considerably more profitable than 2 years ago, with less staff. A recent engagement survey revealed that we are  stronger in many areas that I thought we were previously weak. 

We are very optimistic about our future. We are still a relatively inexperienced Senior Management Team, but we’ve gained a lot of confidence through our work with Tracey and this continues to grow month by month.”

Richard, Hattons