Holistic Solutions for Female Business Owners

First things first – I’ve been in your shoes.

I built a 350-client strong Human Resources consultancy in 7 years before I burned out and sold it.

And all before the age of 50.

So I know what it’s like to put your clients and your business before your own needs.

Look, you are damn good at what you do…

You’re experienced, committed and commercially switched on.

You’ve learned all the tough lessons.

About under-charging and over-delivering.

About cash being king!

But now, the clients, the money and the professional kudos doesn’t give you the same buzz anymore.

You’ve lost that spark, or at least that’s how it looks to you…

And like many female professionals in your shoes, IT FEELS LONELY.

Who do YOU turn to when the going gets tough?

Who is REALLY listening to you?

And I mean REALLY listening, hearing you, giving you that safe space to be totally vulnerable and authentic and just say it like it is?  Without judgement!


And you’ve got a reputation to maintain.

But it’s taking it’s toll isn’t it?

On your health and your relationships…

I really do know how you feel.

Yep, and it led me to burnout and depression, all in the name of not being authentic to my true self – in my career AND in my love life.

But there’s something else too…

You wonder if there’s a bigger reason for your time on this planet.

That you’re in danger of missing something that will haunt you as you approach old age unless you find the answer soon.

And it isn’t going away.

You feel you can’t confide in anyone, because you’re the successful business woman right?!

And who’d understand anyway?

Your friends and family either don’t get it or are too busy with their own lives.

So you remain stuck, in silence.

Secretly wondering if there’s more to life than this.

Searching for answers.  

Maybe you need to step back and let the younger ones take over?  Maybe you need to be grateful for everything you’ve achieved?  Maybe you need to take a sabbatical?  Maybe you need to … STOP!

Just stop.  Take a deep breath.  Then another…

And let me ask you this one question…

“Can you imagine doing what you’re doing now in 10 years time?”

And if the thought makes your heart sink

Let me ask you another…

“Have you fallen out of love with your business or have you lost all sense of who you really are and what you want from life?”

Be held in a loving conversation with a trauma-informed, emotional transformation coach who can help you to make sense of the thoughts and emotions that are keeping you awake at night.

And through my 9-step Unstoppable Method find your way back to the powerful woman you know is still in there…

And how can you do that?

Kind Words for Tracey

Jean Atkinson, Marketing Consultant & Entrepreneur, Lancashire
"Like many business owners, lockdown has had an effect on me mentally, physically and emotionally. With a fussy head coming out of lockdown, I recognised I needed to reach out and gain some focus and clarity in order to move forward with purpose and passion and get my Mojo back! Reaching out to Tracey was the best decision I could have made on so many levels! Investing in myself felt a little selfish, but I knew that I needed to talk things through and thrash ideas around with someone who could see it from outside my 'bubble'. I have come away from each session with the desire to action, reach out to others and have conversations I had been avoiding. After just three sessions, I can honestly say working with Tracey has had an immense positive impact on me and my business! Thank you Tracey. I will be back!"

Create an Award Winning Culture

It’s no secret that Companies that thrive and are market leaders in their field, also have a strong reputation for workplace cultures that create enviable levels of employee engagement, loyalty and pride in the brand.

Employees want more than a pay check and kudos of working for a big brand name on their CV. They want to work for an organisation that stands for far greater than turning a profit and they want to work for an employer who genuinely has them AND their families best interests at heart.

So what can business owners do to start their own conscious culture journey?

Download my 12 page pdf guide with 10 tips to creating an Award Winning Culture and find out!

Want to know what you can do to help the mental wellbeing of your employees?

Tracey is part of the North West Employee Engagement Group (NWEEG). In this recorded webinar, Tracey explains how you, as a business leader, have a massive influence on the mental wellbeing of your employees who are also parents. Find out more about the NWEEG here.