Here's what our clients have achieved:

"Tracey came into my life at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed by everything. Coming back into HR after a year off on maternity meant I found myself in a completely different world to the one I left. I found the additional pressures on HR to make sense of this new world for our teams to be immense and weight of everyone else’s stories was making it difficult to see how I was making a positive impact. I felt like everything was crumbling; my professional reputation, my marriage, my confidence. Tracey helped me to make sense of it all, get back in control and feel confident and hopeful about my future. I feel like me again, and I owe that to Tracey asking the right questions at the right time to lead me to those lightbulb moments that have pulled everything back into focus. Thank you Tracey for your kindness, your time and your wisdom, you have inspired a positive and life changing shift in me."
Senior HR Business Partner
"Within a few short weeks of working with Tracey, I was sleeping 8 hours a night and I had landed a really great role. I feel so much more at ease with where I am in life and am positive about the future. Tracey, asks eye opening questions that really helped me to re-evaluate what was important in my life. If you are thinking about working with Tracey, my simple message is to just do it - it'll definitely be worth it!"
HR Professional
"Well, what can I say.  Tracey's Magic!!  Tracey is different - she cares, she finds out and then she remembers and often gets you to reflect on what you have said.  Issues we discussed would click in to place and it was great having these conversations with an experienced HR professional - as Tracey understood.  Tracey needs to potion her coaching formula and sell it by the bottle - the world would be such a happier place!"
Senior HR Business Partner
"Before I met Tracey, I was emotionally exhausted and close to burnout.  I’d had a tough 12 months at work and I started to not believe in myself when faced with difficult situations.  It prevented me from being myself.  I became quite withdrawn at work.  Tracey really helped me and everything has worked out nicely.  Tracey is obviously very experienced and is the right type of person to be a 'coach'.  I felt her wisdom when we spoke and appreciated the time she spent with me."
Head of HR
"I felt an immediate connection to Tracey. She is warm, empathetic, engaging and absolutely passionate about people. As a result, I felt truly listened to, supported and expertly guided into finding my own solutions to solving a big problem that had been limiting my self-belief and career progression. Tracey approaches coaching in a human way. I discovered some real insights that I believe will stay with me and I can apply both personally and professionally in a way that is perfect for me."
Head of HR
"Reaching out to Tracey was the best decision I could have made on so many levels! Investing in myself felt a little selfish, but I knew that I needed to talk things through and thrash ideas around with someone who could see it from outside my 'bubble'. I have come away from each session with the desire to action, reach out to others and have conversations I had been avoiding. After just three sessions, I can honestly say working with Tracey has had an immense positive impact on me and my business!"
Jean Atkinson
Independent Marketing Director & Entrepreneur
"Tracey has been a fantastic coach, I’d had limited experience of coaching and wasn’t sure what to expect but she made me feel at ease instantly! Tracey gave me practical advice and directed me to resources that have really supported me with my thought processes, improving my confidence and helping me overcome anxiety and stay positive. I can’t thank her enough!"
HR Manager
"It's dead simple...Tracey's coaching was life changing for me and it massively improved my relationship with my 10-year old son too."
HR Advisor
"I just wanted to give you an update on where I am at since your workshop on self-sabotage, which really helped me to think about what I wanted, where I wanted to be and how I was going to get there. I have now relocated to Scotland and I am mortgage FREE!! I finished work 2 weeks ago and I am now in the process of getting my counselling practice up and running which is a bit scary but very exciting!"
"As a result of our sessions I feel stronger, less of an imposter and ready to deal with everything that my role can throw at me! In addition, you really helped me to understand how previous things in our life can impact how we react to today’s stresses and strains and a means to look at these from a different perspective. I enjoyed our sessions and would recommend you to anyone, who like me was feeling a bit of an imposter!"
Head of People and Development
“I worked with Tracey after moving into a new senior role and returning from maternity leave and was struggling with low confidence and a bit of “imposter syndrome”. Working with Tracey really helped me. After each session I’ve found over the next few days something would “click” and what we’d discussed would suddenly make sense or I’d understand it on a deeper level. Her sessions feel relaxed and informal, not draining or hard work. You feel supported, heard and understood and most importantly never judged. After each session I felt more positive at the end than I did at the beginning. Aside from improving my confidence, another main take away from my sessions is to not overload myself with endless tasks I think are urgent but to prioritise what’s actually important and focus on that with a clear head which has helped me in my personal and professional life. I can't thank or recommend Tracey enough!”
HR Director
"Wow what a session! I came away from your workshop with clarity on how to face my limiting beliefs head on and address the unhealthy coping mechanisms I have adopted over the years dealing with life's ups and downs. The attendees were open and honest and it was great to hear from others dealing with self-sabotaging tendencies which helps me to appreciate that I'm not alone! Highly recommend."
Jean Atkinson
Independent Marketing Director & Entrepreneur
"I found it so refreshing to find a coach that really understands the HR world and the challenges this creates and the toll it can take. Tracey got to the root of it quickly, without lots of faff, and we worked on the matter quickly. She was flexible in her approach, and we jointly agreed the focus of the following sessions depending on what had come up and needed looking at. I thoroughly recommend Tracey to anyone wanting to look at the 'why'. "
Independent HR Consultant & Entrepreneur
"Tracey facilitated a supportive and encouraging space that felt comfortable to discuss thoughts and explore feelings around some very personal experiences. This enabled the workshop participants to share their stories but also to hear others. It enabled everyone to realise that we all have fears, worries and insecurities and that it's okay to acknowledge them. Definitely feel more focused on what I want to achieve and noticing what beliefs/thought patterns may sabotage me."
Mental Health Counsellor
"This workshop was a complete eye opener for me in understanding my own reactions to situations and where that may stem from. It was such a safe and informative environment to learn, digest and discuss and I would highly recommend it. Tracey has such a lovely genuine energy and her passion clearly shines through as she guides you through the workshop. She is highly knowledgable and I would be first to sign up for more of her work."
Yoga Teacher
"I am guilty of being a habitual overthinker and I had researched many solutions and nothing really felt any clearer.  Instead I began doubting my own abilities and kept focusing on the dreaded negative “what if’s. Within one session, Tracey truly opened my eyes.  This alone stopped me in my tracks and I felt more empowered than I had for a long time.  I started to feel more present and in the moment, I felt so much lighter as a result. Our following sessions and the time in between them opened up a space for me to be more at ease and feel less pressure.  In fact I felt much more clarity around all aspects of my life.  I even had the chance to talk through a work issue I was trying to deal with. We looked at ways to approach this and for me to recognise the signs of my overthinking kicking in. Working with Tracey has been so impactful for me.  If you are thinking about giving coaching a go then I would highly recommend it!"
Charity Leader