For Female HR Professionals

You’ve been in HR for most of your working life, perhaps you’re a Fellow of the CIPD, perhaps not.

Perhaps you’re in-house in the Corporate space or perhaps you’re in the Consultancy space, either way you’ve had a successful career BUT…

You have that nagging sense of “I’m done with HR”… you’re exhausted, fed up of trying to please people and that was before the pandemic!  

I help 40-plus, senior HR professionals to find their true purpose and meaning with private and group coaching programs.  

I also facilitate HR team strategy workshops and team building sessions that require a creative output!

For Female Business Owners

Running your own business has been a labour of love, you’re well and truly established in your field BUT…you just don’t get the same buzz that you used to. 

You wonder if you’re past your career peak and whether it’s time for something different, but what?  And how can you get rid of THAT feeling that something isn’t quite right, that emptiness, that sense of incompleteness…?

I help successful, 40-plus female business owners to find their mojo with private and group coaching programs that get to the heart of the matter.

For New Mum’s

Preparing for a new baby when you’re a busy professional can feel daunting and overwhelming.

You’re excited about Motherhood yet at the same time, worried about the impact on your career especially if this is your first child.

I help working Mums to balance a successful career and Motherhood after pregnancy and maternity leave.  I offer Returnity Coaching packages and birth trauma listening sessions.