The Home Birth School

Pregnancy and Birth Doula based in Lancashire

The journey to Motherhood is powerful, magical and deeply spiritual.  A rite of passage as well as a profound, awe-inspiring biological and physical journey.  Pregnancy and childbirth are defining, sacred, pivotal moments in every parents life, one which I believed must be fiercely protected, honoured and respected.

Western culture has disconnected us from this biological, natural transformation for many years and such, pregnancy and birth has become over-medicalised, hospitalized and a breeding ground for disempowerment of parents and birth trauma. 

Many fantastic midwives and healthcare professionals are caught in a system that does not serve their calling and does not serve the birthing parents or their babies.  A doula helps to redress this imbalance.

I am Tracey.  A 50 year old trauma-informed doula – I will help you to step into and stay empowered throughout your pregnancy and birth. 

I’ve been fascinated and passionate about the human journey, our physical journey and our emotional journey.  I am a qualified coach and my passion is human psychology, particularly the mental and emotional wellbeing of parents and children.  The mental health of your unborn child is shaped whilst in-utero and I believe that the wellbeing of the pregnant Mother is crucial for the healthy development of the unborn child, and the rest of the family.

I am a Mother too.  My little angel arrived in 1995 and I eagerly await my Grandparenting years!

I am also a self-employed senior HR professional of 22 years, so I can also provide you with support to navigate your maternity leave and return to work as an optional extra to your birth doula support package.

I am a HUGE supporter of home births and if you are someone who’s preference is to home birth, with or without medical assistance, here in Lancashire, then I may be a great fit for you.  I teach Mothers how to home birth with confidence, especially after trauma.

I will advocate for you.  I will signpost you to make an informed decision on your pregnancy, your birth, your baby.  I will help you to say No when you want to and Yes when you do.

I will drape you with love and care throughout our time together.  You’re in charge (and I won’t let anyone in a medical setting ever tell you you’re not)

I am not here to replace anyone – Mother’s, partners, midwives, sisters but I am here to provide consistent, continuous care and coach you through each step of the way.

Tailored packages of support available with prices starting from £997


Did you know...

Having a doula present to support your birth can:

  • Reduce the need for induction of labour
  • Reduce the need for pain relief
  • Reduce labour times
  • Support Father’s/partners to get as involved as they wish
  • Reduce the risk of a transfer to hospital
  • Reduce the risk of an instrumental birth
  • Reduce the need for caesarean section
  • Increase breastfeeding success
  • Improve parent-infant bonding
  • Reduce post-natal depression in parents

If you would like to find out more about me, you can find more information on my Facebook page and Instagram account.  I post regularly about birth rights and the avoidance of birth trauma.

For a complimentary 45 minute consultation via Zoom, please contact me HERE.