Yoga with Tracey

I began practising hot yoga in 2016 and soon became totally hooked!  In 2021 I started a yoga teaching training with the Emily Young Yoga School and completed a 200 hours in Ashtanga yoga, accredited by the Yoga Alliance.  It was during this time, thanks to an injury, that my passion for teaching Yin Yoga was ignited.  I completed a Yin Yoga 50 hour training with Josh Summers in April 2022 and have been teaching weekly classes since.  So what’s Yin Yoga?

Try this 45 minute hips and lower back class here ⇒

⇐Try this 45 minute hips and lower back class here

Yin Yoga is the ideal compliment to any dynamic form of exercise; on a physical level Yin targets the deep connective tissues or fascia of the body that are common sources of injury, pain, tension and tightness.  Yin Yoga invites you into targeted stretches that are held for longer periods of time allowing for greater release of tension as well as being therapeutic for the mind.  In class I help you to integrate mindfulness, meditation and breathwork with the poses.  Yin requires zero experience of yoga and as long as you can get safely to the floor and back up again, either of the Yin Yoga classes will be a great place to discover the benefits.

Alternatively, request a private 121 yoga session either in your home or at my small studio and receive a personally designed set of poses that will be exactly what your body needs to find some relief.

Here’s what Judy said after practicing consistently with me:

“I don’t think I’ll bother with the cortisol injections any more, I get more relief from doing Yin than I ever get from those things”.  

See you on the mat!

Please use your own discernment and consult your physician if in doubt of suitability.